today’s lessons – for employees

Woo its been so loooong time since i wrote my last post here..

I think my life today really worth to be written here so i could share what i’ve got.. the story begin from my will to resign from my recent company, becoz i don’t feel comfortable to work there anymore.. most of my best friends there has already gone, move to their new company.. and i have so much plans to do in my hometown, and i think i would get better life there.. so yesterday i’ve decided to take resign form, but i’m still not sure yet..

And suddenly today my big boss called me, and had a chat with me.. i think she knows that’s something wrong with me recently.. becoz we’ve been so close to each other, and she already count me as her friend, and she knew that i’ve changed.. she saw me lost my interest in my work already.. and becoz there are so many employees that resigned in this 3 months, maybe she won’t me to follow others way to move.. and she take me to casual conversation, and give so much advise and lessons to me..

she’s so smart and wise, i really respect her most..

she taught me to:

1. Work for other’s company for 10.000 hours before you start your own company.. 10.000 hours or 3 years is the most ideal time to fulfill your knowledge for running a company.. and to collect funds to build your own company.. even for her children, she wants them to work for others first before take part to her own companies..

2. Save 9 from 10 of your salary.. yeah its all about money management and how to hold your desire to buy something that you want.. but only use money for something you need..

3. Make you feel comfortable with your job.. whatever your job is, if you’re not comfortable and enjoy with that, it’ll become the worse job in the world.. And time will goes so slowly when you work, and you will fell so much boring.. but otherwise, if you can make you comfortable and enjoy whatever your job, you’ll feel time goes so fast.. give your best, and you’ll love your job.. (i haven’t feel it yet, but i’ll try to love my recent job here..)

4. Read, read, and read everything.. the more you read, the more you gain knowledge.. yeah i think everybody already knew it.. but most of us lazy to read, and prefer to listen..

5. NEVER jealous with others.. this is the most important of all.. there’s no need to be jealous with people’s higher position, higher achievement, higher salary ; keep focus to what we have and what we do.. becoz jealous only distract our focus to what are we doing, and make our life uneasy to live..

yeah that’s all she told me.. and makes me to rethink all over again.. i have to make the best decision here.. take the certain path ( stay to work here ), or to gambling ( go home and start my own business ) which is not as easy as i think now.. But we have to try before we know if it will success or fail.. take all the risk and we’ll know the result.. good if success, but if it fail, at least we’ve tried..

we live only once, get a life, not a job!

good luck fellas!


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