Hello blog – we’re friends now!

it’s May 21 when i made this blog stuff..

Today, I’ve spent all day long in front of my white apple..

seharian di rumah nih, padahal rencana hari ini mau pergi ke Jakarta liat pameran TUAI. Dah direncanain dari kemaren2 padahal, tapi karna satu dan lain hal jadinya batal deh. Padahal tadi pagi diajakin ke subang sama sodara2, tapi gue gamau ikut karna mau pegi.. Yaudah deh, it’s ends up with home alone..

But, it’s okay to be alone all day, become autis in front of laptop. Been a while not doing that facebook and other social stuff. Those things reminds me to kost life in Bandung for 4 years ago. Miss that moment i spent my college life in front of computer, only to play games or only browsing and facebooking.

Besides that social things, i did learn a lot about Korean. I’ve learn hangul very well this whole month. Now i can read and write hangul, it’s fun and bring me some pride 🙂 Now i can search my favorite korean song by it’s hangul title. Wanna know my method to learning hangul?  firstly, open your itunes, and select your favorite korean song, and then ask uncle google for the lyrics, in hangul of course. And then.. (loh kok jadi pake bahasa inggris yah.. ) lanjut di indo aja ah.. ya terus tulis ulang deh di kertas tulisan hangul nya, trus terjemahin satu2.. puter lagi lagunya sambil nyanyiin terjemahannya.. kalo kata2 nya bener berarti terjemahannya udah bener.. pasti seneng deh 🙂

And, this social autism day end up with making this wordpress account. Hope this post will not be the first and last in this page. Hope this media will be my friend from now on.

yah, today is not that boring lha, i’ve learn a lot today.

NB : sorry for my broken english, i write this post without google translate or other dictionary..



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